Chantal Coady – The Chocolate Detective

Welcome to #IsolationChocolate April 2020

Edition Zero

Flat Pack Easter eggs

Chocolate made from tree to bar by the Grenada Chocolate Co. on the island using organic cocoa, grown on Chantal’s farm.

Sailed over the Atlantic using natures energy: wind and tides on the brigantine Tres Hombres

Packed in minimal white tissue and cardboard, 100% recyclable… delivered through your letterbox. (Box size 170 x120 x 38mm)

Transformed with love, in tiny batches, into eggs by Chantal Coady, The Chocolate Detective uncovering new levels of joy and purity…

Don’t forget at times like these we need to be kind to ourselves and others, treats like these will lift the spirits. 

The first Edition Zero is now over subscribed & sold out. 

If you would like to add your name for Edition One: shipping in a month’s time, please sign up on 

Each and every month will bring a different form of chocolate and you can be one of the very few lucky people – details of subscription to follow.

Grenada Chocolate Company New Bonbon Shop

When the chocolate company had to vacate their first bonbon shop that was down the road from their original tree to bar factory, they found an old cocoa drying shed, just two doors away and refurbished it.

You can see the before and after photos here:

The cocoa drying & store

The Grenada Chocolate Bonbon Shop Opened 2017 Makes fabulous truffles, bonbons and dipped fruits freshly made from all the local ingredients

The Next Chapter!

Chantal has exited Rococo Chocolates the company she founded in 1983.

She is working on several exciting projects, and if you would like to be the first to know about them please sign up here.

The garden below is a community project that Chantal is passionate about, and totally engaged in. The first tree was planted over 30 years ago, and now the whole neighbourhood is filled with trees, gardens and wildlife.

Plant a tree and invite nature into the city.